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Winter Wheat


In 1976 Saatzucht Edelhof started to breed winter wheat.

Our selection criterias are quality, resistances and selection for organic farming!

EMILIO - high yields

awned wheat

  • winterhard and early maturityEnergo
  • healthy (leaves and ear)
  • sensitive to Septoria and DTR
  • higher N-fertilization guarantees protein
  • high test weight combined
  • with yield of flour above average
  • seeds for organic farming available

EHOGOLD - shining organic wheat

awned wheat with high quality 

  • fast growth
  • is susceptible to low seed density (2/3)
  • high yield of straw
  • early maturity
  • stable falling numbers
  • highest contents of protein and test weights
  • high yield of flour
  • high backing quality
  • seeds for organic farming available

- full of energy in yield and quality!
awned wheat with high quality

  • high yield 
  • early in ear emergence
  • good lodging resistance 
  • healthy in leaves and ear
  • resistance to Fusarium
  • high quality
  • seeds for organic farming available

ELEMENT - high-quality wheat
awned wheat for ALL producing areas

  • high content of protein and high quality of protein
  • frost hardiness
  • very early maturing
  • resistant to mildew and rust, take care of Septoria tritici 
  • resistant to outgrowth with solid high falling number
  • good grain design, high test weight
  • seeds for organic farming available


EDELMANN - the aristocratic organic
awned wheat for organic farming

  • high yield
  • suppressive to weedEstevan
  • healthy leaves
  • high test weigth
  • solid falling number under varied weather conditions
  • good protein quality


- combination of yield and high quality
awned wheat with high quality

  • high yield, high quality
  • good winter hardiness
  • healthy (leaves and ear)
  • high test weight
  • excellent falling number
  • resistant to outgrowth

ENRICO - the ruler!
wheat with imposing yields

  • healthy ears and healthy leaves
  • highly stable in falling number
  • wheat for feeding


ENNSIO - the weightlifter! 
good reisitance to lodging

  • remarkable yields
  • resistance to Fusarium and leave rust
  • susceptible to yellow rust
  • superior test weight
  • good contents of protein
  • stable in falling number 
  • baking quality 4