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Breeding Varieties for Organic Farming


Austria´s area of organic farming is rising rapidly. 2015 it had been over 21 % of Austria that had been cultivated organic.
In 2016 Austria has had over 203.000 ha of organic arable land. So Austria is one of the top organic farmers in Europe.

Since 2004 seeds for organic farming has to come from organic multipliers.
In our country there are several official trials for seeds and varieties especially for organic farming.

Furthermore a nationwide project „Seeds for organic farming incl. breeding varieties for organic farming“ supported the development of new varieties for organic farming.

At Edelhof the producing area is divided into a conventional part (breeding station) and an organic farm. On these land -cultivated organic- we have had trials of organic varietes on winter wheat, winter rye, spring barley and spring oats for many years now.

Our trials are cultivated with the principles of organic farming and beside those variety testing we test interesting young lines in special organic trials in Obersiebenbrunn and Edelhof.

We at Edelhof attach great importance to the specific selection in young generations and look very carefully for those adapted to organic conditions.

The characteristics of organic varieties differ from those of conventional varieties. The common cultivation goals in conventional breeding are specially enlarged with special organic characteristics.
Those special characteristics are:
fast-growth in spring, resistance to harrowing, good rooting system, weed suppressive ability, good soil-shadowing, efficient uptake and use of nutrients especially nitrogen, yield stability, big grains (for on-farm-marketing of cereals), resistance and durable tolerance to diseases (Fusarium, Tilletia, ...), environmental stability of quality (protein, baking factors),...

We are confident that especially adapted varieties and healthy seeds are the most important equipment for successful farming!

That´s why we are member of Dachmarke BIO-SAATGUT AUSTRIA.
Seeds of Dachmarke are produced by accredited Austrian organic farms. It is pre-processed in Austria and tested by the Austrian Federal office for Food safety.
Seeds and varieties of this trademark are guaranteed to be GMO-free!
Nowadays there are seeds from some Edelhof varieties available.

Biozüchtung EdelhofFurther information on availability and organic seeds ...

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