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Summer Internships

Praktikum in der Saatzucht
As a breeding station which belongs to a vocational school we offer young people summer internships from June to September.

Each year a lot of students (agriculture, nutritional science) and pupils take this opportunity to get into contact with breeders and their work.

During those summer internships our young colleagues get to know all aspects of a breeder´s work.

These includes assistance on the fields (harvest preparation and harvesting) as well as assistance and realisation of laboratory work (quality analysis).

Food and housing is available!
Knowledge of German is necessary.

Do you need any further information?
Saatzucht Edelhof - LFS Edelhof
Hr. Hubert Hofbauer
Edelhof 1
A - 3910 Zwettl
Tel.: +43- (0) 2822 - 52402 116
email: h.hofbauer@saatzucht.edelhof.at